After the events of Connected: The Call, many questions remain unanswered. The Shift picks up immediately from where The Call left off plunging Ellie and Sam into a world where nothing is what it seems. Lives will be betrayed, revenge will be delivered and actions will be taken to excess. In the desire for power, only one will remain 'white of heart'.

Ellie and Sam have just seventy-two hours to overcome the accursed forces that threaten their lives.

But will they survive the darkest force of all…?

Connected: The Call
“The story it is fair to say had me intrigued from the start. The short sharp chapters flick between Whitehall, Washington and Dubai in real time, as the global terrorist threat of the Al Nadir collective threatens to spiral out of control. Connected: The Call is a thoroughly entertaining debut from Michelle Medhat. With news that Connected: The Shift is only a couple of months away, it's certainly nice to know that the spy story that gripped me more than any other in recent times is soon to have a sequel.”
Self Publisher Showcase Editorial Review

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