ELLIE'S DIARY, 2 June, 2010

ELLIE'S DIARY, 2 June, 2010

They're back again tonight. I knew they would be.

They have an innocence, like children playing. They skip across from cloud to cloud, and yet when they move across the velvety night sky they're invisible. It's only in the clouds where their presence is illuminated.

Glowing spheres of silver green bobbing about at the periphery of the clouds.

I say they're spheres, but I haven't seen their full form unencumbered by cloud cover. They feel shy. Timid even, on the one hand, but on the other, I can see them, the activities between them. Brimming with obvious mischievousness. It's like a spectral game of hide and seek.

The first night they arrived, I thought their light was a precursor to a thunderstorm, but no lightening came.

I remember shouting over to Sam to look, but he was disinterested. He stared at the sky, shrugged and muttered: "It's just some dick messing around with a laser pointer." And with that announcement, Sam returned back to reading papers for his work.

"It's not a laser pointer, Sam. They're spheres dancing in the sky. Can't you see them?" I was exasperated at his disinterest.

"God Ellie, you're always seeing things. You've been like that since we met. Come over here little weird one, and stop faffing around..."

Sam motioned to me to sit next to him. "You've got your work," I said sauntering over. He stretched out his arms and enveloped me in his muscular cage.

"I'd rather work on you."

Sam's husky drawl, touched me deep, and I sank into his arms and onto his lips.

The light in Sam's eyes illuminated even more than usual, and I realised that some activity outside was being reflected in his dark brown windows. I turned and watched as the silver green playful orbs glowed bright white light inside. They started to pulse with incredible luminescence, and for a second moved to hover almost parallel to our window, but still keeping within the confines of the clouds.

At that moment, I knew them. All their curiosity, their daring, their youth. And of course their effervescent playfulness. It was without bounds.

What they were however, I really cannot say. Young energies perhaps, that had slipped through into our world. Who really knows...But they were definitely not of Earthly origin.

On the last night I saw them, there was a difference.

Sam had gone off to Egypt. Some hi-tech trade mission or other, and the Foreign Minister needed him. He didn't tell me he was going, just left a scrawled note on the kitchen table. Usual modus operandi lately. Skipping off before I have a chance to even say goodbye. That bloody Minister Ludlow sees more of Sam than I do. Still, he'll be back soon, and then it's all champagne and yellow roses. He's always so breath-takingly passionate on his return from these trade missions abroad.

I arrived at Silent Waters shattered after a gruelling all day of non-stop negotiations with a client. The lights were off when I entered the apartment, but you wouldn't have thought it, given the amount of illumination that flooded the living room.

I ran to the window, and drew back the curtains. The duo of small spheres that had been visiting me over the past five days had been joined by two much larger glowing orbs. They moved together and then positioned themselves in front of me. The two smaller orbs took their place inside the two large ones. It was clear that my nightly visitors had been children, and the generators of such energy were their parents.

I watched as the circumference of the parents' orbs glowed bright silver white. The children’s form seemed to blend with that of their parents, and the two larger spheres solidified their form, transmuting from pure light to become two shiny, pale green mirrors. The mirrors pulled together to form a strange Venn diagram, and although they were solid, I could still see the shining silver white circumference through their bodies. They continued to move until they eclipsed each other, and only one circle could be seen.

The circle then titled, reflecting sky. Only the sky that it reflected was not the night sky, but a brilliant, clear blue sky of a summer day. I gasped in awe of everything I was witnessing. Could anyone else see this? I wondered, and knew I had to check the UFO sites later.

The circle of beautiful blue sky carried on tilting until it hit a one hundred and eighty degree angle. A straight line of luminescence that cracked scattering sparks across the sky. It then pulled into itself, like the opposite action of a telescopic wand, and glowed for a second like a small bright white dot of sun. And as I blinked, I could see it collapse to nothing.

I stood there for several minutes more just staring. I could still feel the energy in the room. In fact more than that, I could feel the energy inside me.

At that moment, an empathic bond had been built, and know not how or why. But it was like I had interfaced with it.

I had been the chosen one. The connected one...

Ellie Noor

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