ELLIE'S DIARY 22 March 1983

ELLIE'S DIARY 22 March 1983

I still can’t understand it. And I’m not sure I ever will. But what happened today changed me. Changed who I am, and who I think I am.

It was just another ordinary day. I was at the bus stop as usual in the Fulham Palace Road. I was people watching the way I do.  Shop keepers were opening up, people were talking about things precious to them, and cars were weaving in and out between pedestrians trying to get to work. I sighed at the mundane scene life presented. Was this all there was. School, college, and some dead-end job. Is this what I had to expect of my future?

I stared upwards for answers, not expecting to receive any, but I was wrong.

For at that very second, the sky ripped apart. It peeled back, in much the same way as when I open my yoghurt in the morning. It teased, revealing itself to me for one stunning, spectacular moment, and underneath the sky, I saw a glimpse of glass. No, it was more like crystal. It had facets that captured the morning sunlight and splintered it, spreading rainbows across the blue expanse, despite there being no rain.

What was even odder, no one looked up. Those people all around me, coming out of shops, waiting for the bus, crossing the road; none of them acknowledged the parting of the sky. It was as if they had seen nothing. Which I knew was impossible.

I called out ‘Did you see that?’ And people turned on me as if I were mad. They stared, laughed or just ignored me, and walked past, their steps quickening in a bid to get away from the ‘crazy girl’. But I knew what I’d seen. If only for a second.

Something else.

That revelation has paved the way for me now. I always felt like I’d been added-on to life. No Mum or Dad, and my Great Aunt, lovely as she is, always seems to be just putting up with me, until I’m old enough to go my own way.

But today, I know that life had been added-on to me.

I had a purpose beyond the reality I knew, beyond the mundane and the ordinary, and I knew my future would be amazing.

Ellie Vale Aged 14

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