EXTRACT - Security Brief - E Noor

EXTRACT - Security Brief - E Noor

Classified Security Brief

What follows below is extracts of a security brief from surveillance detail actioned by Sir Justin Maide, Head of MI6 on 22 March at Silent Waters, Chelsea, London. The targets are Ellie Noor and Dr Sam Noor (MI6 Counter Terrorism Field Operative). The trigger to the surveillance was a conversation between Maide and Sam Noor, in which Maide concluded that Sam Noor could be a liability and is on the verge of going rogue. Upon reviewing intelligence, Maide has decided that his wife (Ellie Noor) is also a threat and has authorised her immediate extraction for interrogation.

Security Risk Assessment: 21 March 2014 - Low
Subject: Ellie Noor  Maiden Name: Vale  DOB: 02.05.1969 Place: Fulham, London
Home: Silent Waters, Chelsea, London and Red Rose Lodge, Winchester
Occupation: Managing Director, Cloud Nine Tech, Winchester
Huband: Dr Sam Noor (RX1 00908322) – Security Profile 1
Married: 25 July 1996, Winchester  Children: None

Family History

A review of Ellie Noor's family history has shown nothing exceptional or weird has ever happened to her. She is currently estranged from her Mother and her Father is dead. Her Great Aunt Lillian was responsible for raising Ellie from a baby until aged 16, Lilllian died of a heart condition. Ellie was talent spotted and became a model, where she stayed with other young models in London, but did not like the lifestyle and left to join IBM. Their details are below.

Father: Stardust Traveller (real name Tim Jones) DOB:  21 December 1942 Place of Birth: Dover
Current Status: Deceased: 27 November 1982 Reason: OD Heroin

Mother: Athena Marguerite Blakewood-Royce DOB: 18 March 1954 Place of Birth: Chelsea
Current Status: Married - Senator Alan Bohlen-Curtis, Republican Houston, Texas

Great Aunt: Lillian Joan Wilson DOB: 11 May 1894 Place of Birth: Fulham
Current Status: Deceased 12 January 1986 Reason: Cardiac infarction

Background to Relationship with FO Dr Sam Noor

Ellie first met Sam Noor August 4, 1989. Location: IBM Winchester. She was interviewed for a position as Executive Secretary. The couple began a relationship 18 August 1989 and married 7 years later. Ellie Noor was subject to rigorous security checks before Dr Sam Noor took his position and nothing showed up. She was clean.

Surveillance Snapshot

This surveillance indicates cause for concern. Ellie Noor exhibited irrational behaviour, outside of the psyche-range. She spoke to an empty kitchen, and on the surveillance appears to communicate with someone not visible. She asks questions which indicates she was in communication with someone, and then she pitches forward and screams for no reason. Full analysis has been undertaken on the surveillance data and no reason for the scream can be found. Her husband uses a technique to question her, but she does not acquiesce. When Sam Noor presses her for a reason, Ellie Noor explicitly lies to her husband.

Referencing the Sarah Masters case, and her brutal murder of her husband, MI6 Field Operative Michael Masters, it would appear that Ellie's behaviour constitutes a revision to her security assessment from low to high. If there is any possibility that she is an Al Nadir spy, full measures need to be in place.  Advise immediate action to identify the cause of the scream.

Link to: Transcript  SurvMote:_Log8880_14_UDE_771_Y

Maide, J, Clearance Level Alpha

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