Sabena's Log - October 8, 1987, Cambridge University

Sabena's Log - October 8, 1987, Cambridge University

I wasn't expecting much. All those prissy, public school pricks only knew one kind of shafting. It would be down to the pub to get a taste of the 'local cuisine'.

But then, he got up and spoke. His words echoed a defiance of everything, an abject abhorrence to convention. Although his delivery focused on particle physics, the sound of his voice set me alight.

I sat transfixed, in awe of this arrogant, brilliant beast. As beautiful in mind as he was in body.

He must have sensed something. His feral instincts on overdrive, for he looked over. His eyes burned into me, captured me and imprisoned me. In one single look. It wasn't like a crush, or even a deep attraction. This was base desire. Animal lust. His eyes sucked me in.

And all I could feel was need. Hot, sticky insatiable need, rising inside me.

He was living perfection, and I wanted nothing more than to shatter that exquisiteness to pieces. To feel him lose control, such that he could. And I would ride him 'till he was broken and mine.

The lecture had finished, but I was still caught up in my reverie.

"It's Salim."

Like spacetime had doubled on itself, he suddenly stood in front of me.

"Sabena" I proffered my hand but he ignored it.

He looked at me. His eyes drilling deep to touch the core of my being.

"I will take you so hard you will cry for mercy."

I was speechless. The furnace I'd been stoking throughout the lecture exploded. I'm sure Salim could see the reaction in my eyes, for he grabbed my hair roughly and pushed his lips upon mine with savage intensity. Unlike anything I have experienced with other guys of his age.

We never made it to the next tutorial.

Salim, I know is a creature of the dark. Pain is his ultimate pleasure. And oh boy, did I scream, he was certainly right about that. Though not as a result of his deliciously violent violation. I screamed because I had finally found my match, my true soul mate.

A man carved from the very coals of Hell itself. Just like me.

Sabena Sanantoni

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