My First Sighting - Spring 1981

My First Sighting - Spring 1981

[Everything what you are about to read is true. I have not added or embellished anything. My strange experiences told over these blogs have helped to inspire my writing of Connected: The Call and Connected: The Shift. I hope you enjoy them.]

Those moments still stay in my mind. Moments that, however hard I try, can't be explained away by rational fact. Just the mere thought of them, and I realise that everything we know, or think we know, doesn't even add up to a pin prick. There is much more to life than what is revealed daily to us.

This revelation hit me the second I saw them.

I know I'm not the only person to have seen unidentified objects in the sky. And I'm sure I won't be the last. There are sightings every day across the world. It's seen as 'no big deal'. All I can say is those that dismiss it with certain irreverence have never witnessed a UFO themselves. Believe me when I say, it is a VERY big deal. 

And it changes your perspective on life completely.

The first time I saw a UFO, I was still at school. I lived in Sittingbourne. A small town in South East Kent. Nothing much happened there. Just one of those towns on the outskirts of London, where people seemed to end up. Nothing wrong with the place, just nothing to make it stand out. Everywhere there's places like that. A halfway stop on the road to something bigger.

I was walking home from school. It was Spring 1981. I was in my twelfth year of discovery and rather impressionable, as most kids tend to be as they await to face head on the kaleidoscope of emotions that teenage hood delivers. 

I entered a forked junction, and waited at the curb for the cars to pass. My house was less than half a mile away. I walked quickly with an uneasy stride. I'm not exactly sure, even to this day why I looked up. Very few people look up into the sky.  They cocoon themselves into a bubble of music. And appear to remain oblivious to the world around them.

I've always had my senses perform to a greater level than what I can understand. On that day, my head rose, almost trance like. My eyes, my ears; even the hair on my skin had been triggered to respond. 

On seeing the object I flushed hot as fear gathered me quickly in. 'This is not happening to me' thundered in my head. I blinked. The afternoon sun was vibrant and strong. The object was cylindrical, like a cigar. It moved slowly across my eye line. An unfathomable internal movement had it churning like a cement mixer through the brilliant blue sky. 

Lights dotted around its surface caught the sun's rays, and reflected so brightly, I raised my hand to shield my vision. I could feel the breath on my hand as I did so. It was warm and came out in staccato bursts.

My body was trying to handle the wonder and anxiety that flooded through me simultaneously. But it wasn't doing a very good job.

I was aware of two things: my heart thudding hard, it's reverberation throbbed in my ears, and the strange, magnificence above me.  And that was all. Cars vanished. People didn't register. Houses slipped from view. I just stood there watching. Waiting. Like I knew something was about to happen.

My skin tickled and the hair on my arms stood on end, as if shot with a static charge. The air around me electrified. I breathed fast. My heart now lodged in my throat, my legs unable to move. Although somewhere in my mind a voice said I should get away. My body was incapable of receiving instruction.

Petrified and fascinated I stood there. Just watching.

... More to follow...

Michelle Medhat

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