REVIEW - Orion Connection by S DeGiorgio

REVIEW - Orion Connection by S DeGiorgio

Fantastic read, gripping action throughout, superb characters – Highly recommended

I learnt about this book through Twitter and it piqued my interest. I always like books that have a factual base and Orion Connection, although set in 2050 was steeped in a reality you could feel. And that's what made this book a 5 star standout for me.

All the characters came alive with absolute passion and feeling. Amongst their imperfections and inner demons, their loves and their fatal obsessions, one thread strung them all together, the drive to survive at whatever the cost. Orion Connection is a space drama working on many levels. There's romance, betrayal, intrigue and high octane action throughout. But there is an interesting subtext of "We've used up all our resources on Earth so let's go and plunder another planet's". Not to give anything away - this story should be savoured and enjoyed without being marred by spoilers - however the motives of those who reveal themselves are not entirely without justification. Invasion and occupation are the words of war, and they deliver brutal realities to all of those experiencing them. Orion Connection exemplifies this from all angles.

When I bought this book I expected a science fiction novel about a group of astronauts travelling to Mars and facing various hurdles along the way. What I actually received was an observation on humanity, our many foibles laid bare and the lengths people go to for what they believe in. If you want a book to captivate you, with its intricate details of future technologies (which I personally loved), with its examination of relationships and of course, its thrilling action sequences, you should buy Orion Connection right now, as this book delivers all in spades.

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Michelle Medhat

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