Target: A_771

Date: 22.03.XXXX

Time: 05.55



[SurvMote Cam4: Interior of bedroom]

Visual: Target in bed asleep

Audio: Bone chilling scream. Sound of something heavy falling to the floor.

Visual: Target’s eyes open at the sounds. He jumps up and takes a Sig Sauer gun from a bag. He runs out of the bedroom, in the direction of the noise.

[SurvMote Cam2: Corridor between bedroom and kitchen]

Visual: Target runs, looks back and forth, waits against wall and holds gun against his body.

Audio: [From behind the corner of the wall] sounds of shuffling and dragging; heavy and fragmented breathing, and water running.

Visual: Target pauses, looks to the ceiling, and holds gun outwards and slides around the wall into the kitchen

[SurvMote Cam5: Interior of kitchen]

Visual: Target’s wife (TW) at the sink. She holds her hand underneath the tap. Her hand is injured. She turns as target charges in with gun ready to fire.


Audio: TW screams. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX [voice is startled]

Visual: TW stares at target wide-eyed.

Audio: TW – What the hell are you doing with that? [voice is angry and amazed]

Visual: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Target does not speak. He looks away from TW. His face appears to pale and he shakes slightly.TW continues to stare at target.

Audio: TW – Have you joined the Territorial’s or something? [voice is sarcastic]

Visual: Target shakes his head. He engages the gun’s safety and lays it down on the worktop. A mug on its side drips dark liquid to the floor. Target looks at the mug and nods. TW watches Target. Her face is sad. She shudders.

Audio: TW – XXX what’s going on? [voice is edgy and scared]

Audio: Target – I’m sorry I didn’t tell you [voice is low and resigned]

Audio: TW – Didn’t tell me what? [voice is confused and angry]



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