Target: A_899

Date: 22.03.XXXX

Time: 15.55



[SurvMote Cam25: Office interior]

Visual: Target stares down at file. Photos of a man, a woman and little girl are scattered on the desk. Target closes the file. The word ‘XXXXXXXX’ is written on the file with a red line and the word ‘CLOSED’ written through it. He looks up at the television to the right of the desk. Adverts are running. Target picks up the phone and presses one button. XXXXXXXXXX.

Audio: Target – I’m sorry Sir it’s over [voice is respectful and sad]

[SoundMote Tag:2]

Audio: Voice 1 – Do we know how [voice is low]

Visual: Target opens file again and picks up picture of XXXXXXXXXXXXX. He shakes his head. Anger shows on his face.

Audio: Target – Bomb. Wiped out everyone [voice is desolate]

Audio: Voice 1 – I want this chapter re-written. Understand? [voice is hard and dominant]

Audio: Target – Yes Sir [voice is submissive]

Audio: Voice 1 - I want XXXX on this. He needs to close this. [voice is arrogant]


Audio: Target - And then? [voice is questioning]

Audio: Voice 1 - No more. This is it. He closes. And we close. We find another way. There are other options. XXXXXXXX are not indestructible. We’ll find another way. [voice is commanding and assured]
[Voice 1 closes connection]

Visual: Target looks back at the TV. Breaking news is on. The scene shows a residential avenue in a western country with a burnt out house. Target stares at the screen with anger and despair.



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