Target: A_488

Date: 22.03.XXXX

Time: 09.03



[SurvMote Cam2: Kitchen]

Visual: Target enters, removes jogging jacket and goes over to the fridge. Target’s wife (TW) looks up at target and smiles. Target collects a carton of juice and tips it to his mouth. TW scowls at target.

Audio: TW - Please darling, use a glass. We’re not savages yet [XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX]

Visual: Target shakes his head and picks up a glass from the cupboard and pours

Audio: TW - That’s better! Now don’t you find it tastes nicer in a glass?

Audio: Target - I suppose so [voice is conceding]

Audio: Target - But not nearly half as fun [voice is playful]

Visual: TW glares at him XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX,

Audio: TW - I’ll never tame you, will I?

Visual: TW leaves the stove, moves to target and puts her arms around him in a gentle embrace.

Audio: Target - Do you want to?


Visual: Target rubs TW’s hair softly. TW stares into at target’s eyes.

Audio: TW - Not really [voice is given in a whisper]

Visual: TW moves her hand to target’s face, pulls him down to her and kisses him passionately

Visual: A little girl of four enters the kitchen. TW and target ignore her

Audio: Young Girl - Mummy, do you like my picture? [voice is stern and questioning]



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