Target: A_111

Date: 22.03.XXXX

Time: 08.50



[SurvMote Cam 202: Private Lounge, WH]

Visual: Target enters the room and XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. He looks into mirror XXXXXXXXXXXXX and shakes his head. He takes his XXXXX and sits down on the sofa. On the coffee table is a small brown box. Target jumps up alarmed. He stares at the box and sits back down. The words ‘FOR YOUR SUCCESS’ are in black capital letters on the front of the box.

Visual: The target hesitates, and then moves forward to pick up the box. He becomes startled and looks around, but no one has entered. He picks the box up and puts it into his lap. He lifts the lid on the box and peers inside. The target appears very surprised by the contents of the box [unseen].



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