Michelle Medhat has had an exciting career that spans over 28 years in technology, science, education and marketing. Currently, Michelle is Director of Operations and Strategic Development at the Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange (IKE), a professional institute that she co-founded with her husband Professor Sam Medhat in 2004. She also founded with Prof Medhat, the STEM Foundation, which has donated millions of pounds to education to support the science, engineering and technology sector. The impact of this donation has improved the lives over 600,000 people.

In her career, she has headed up an e-learning company, an events and media management company and a management consultancy. She has even created (from scratch) an educational institutional overseas (in Dubai) with her husband. Over the years, Michelle has worked with clients from BBC, Channel 4, EDF Energy, GSK, Walkers, Whitbread, and the NHS. Michelle has always tried to stay ahead of her time. A case in point being, back in 1995 she orchestrated the first international conference in the UK on multimedia communications (MediaComm) when the Internet was at its infancy. Backed by leading media and press organisations (BBC, ITN, The Independent, Times Higher) and technology companies (IBM, BT, Philips), the event introduced the public to a then an unknown technology called 'entertainment on demand'.

In her spare time, Michelle enjoys writing, reading, painting and singing. During her career, she has written extensively for publications, journals and newspapers, and has numerous short stories published in various anthologies. Michelle has written a fast-moving, spy novella Operation Snowdrop that is available free for download when sign up is made to 'Fearless Spies, Amazing Realms and Ice-Cold Villains' Newsletter. Michelle has created The Trusted Thriller Series. A series that is being called by readers as "007 on acid with aliens", "Popping candy for the mind" and "Your next guilty pleasure." Her books are packed with brutal, fast-moving political spy action fused with metaphysical sci-fi suspense, and as readers are finding, second-guessing what will happen next is virtually impossible! She is currently working on the finale of series - book five, part five The Sum, out Spring 2020.


“So similar to the situation in the world today that it's hard to read. Well developed”

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