REVIEW - View from the Sixth Floor
by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Reviewed by: Michelle Medhat

A wonderful story of love, suspense and what might have been!

A View from the Sixth Floor is an amazing read. It starts out a story about loving, kind people in their twilight years, looking out and caring for one another, but accelerates rapidly into an incredibly adrenalin-fuelled ride that one could never have imagined these characters embarking on in the first few pages of easy going, homespun delight. These characters – Olivia and Bill – are wonderful to read. Through the superb writing talent of Elizabeth Horton-Newton their lives leap from the page and captivate you; engross you, so that you know not what is even around you. I really was rooting for Olivia from the beginning. I warmed to her instantly. Olivia was introduced with a touching gentleness. A proud grandmother, dedicated mother, caring friend and wonderful woman in one. But something also defined Olivia, in every word she said, every action delivered, Olivia showed unfaltering determination. Nothing could make her waver. In the beginning this determination was seen as her being a sturdy and reliable homemaker, but when the tension racked up and the chips were against her, that determination flooded back anew. Facing down shadowy G-Men, handling the press, managing friends and family during a crisis or even facing the inevitable with her lover, that determination to win is imbued in Olivia from head to toe. Feisty and formidable, Horton-Newton has crafted in Olivia a character that forces you to love her whatever she’s doing. And what she gets up to in this book is truly astonishing for someone who is just embracing the big six-O. In fact it would be astonishing for someone half her age. It is strange, despite the fact that Bill and Olivia are elderly, their adventures make you forget their ages completely.

Much has been written about the JFK assassination, but this is the first book I’ve read to take you into a multiverse of possibilities, with a skin tingling everlasting unto eternity love story that wraps around the espionage and conspiracy like a tightly fitted glove. A glove that fits perfectly. At the heart of it, View from the Sixth Floor is a story of secrets. How everyday people are not what they seem, how we all have a secret we’ll never share and how a secret love can grow and grow until it encapsulates everything, giving hope to the impossible. I highly recommend A View from the Sixth Floor for anyone who wants to feel humanity in a heart-warming tale of true love, courage and determination. Wonderful!

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